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Why Raw Honey From Wild Bees Is The Best Honey?

Our raw honey comes mainly from the Banjaran Tahan forest, Malaysia. The wild bees are located away from of industrial zone. The bees feed on the naturally growing flora, which leads to truly delicious honey.

Honey is most beneficial when it is in its raw form collected right from bee hives without being processed through any industrial means. We are committed to bringing you honey in its most natural, pure and beneficial form directly from the source to ensure that the honey you get is truly top notch for your body and your health.

Is The Honey You’re Taking Hurting Or Nourishing You?


Only 20% of the honey products on the market are genuine. And this 20% figure isn’t something we made up… it isn’t even our own research. 

That’s right… according to research data, on average only 20% of honey in the market is genuine pure honey. In other words, 80% of the Malaysian honey in the market is either adulterated or synthetic.

So let’s say you bought one of these honey products… what you actually bought is expensive sugar syrup that has no trace mineral, enzymes or antioxidant properties whatsoever.

The health benefits that you hope to achieve will be a big, round, ugly number: 0%.



Going along with nature, John Huney® from harvesting to packing is not subject to any heat treatment. There are people who practice heat treat the honey to deactivate the active enzymes. This eliminate the difficulty in bottling as it constantly produces gas. Sometimes when you open the bottle of honey, it generates a popping sound.

We harvest John Huney® raw honey from wild bees’ hives. Wild bees feed on natural flora and produce the purest honey. 

We have to adopt the pace of nature. Wild honey is exclusive because of its limited sources and difficult to get. For an instant, we find some bee hives at a tree that can grow up to 30 stories in height.

We send the raw honey to ISO accredited laboratory for testing of present of heavy metal, antibiotic and any addition of non-reducing sugars.

Purest Raw Honey

No Heat Treatment

We bring you the purest honey with no additives or making any changes. The only thing we remove is unwanted debris that accompanies the raw honey. We accomplished this through a conventional method which doesn’t affect any aspect of the honey, to ensure that the honey you are getting is indeed raw. By using this method, it preserved the beneficial enzymes and vitamins.

Sweet And Strong Honey Aroma With Hint Of Sourish Notes


John Huney® Raw &Wild Honey Team

They say the discovery of pure raw honey to be one of the most crucial findings ever made because of its delicious sweet taste and the uncountable benefits it incorporated. Pure Honey has countless benefits and can be used in a myriad of ways to improve our health.

But unfortunately, some honey in the market has lost most of its flavor and nutritional benefit because of alteration of its content. The heat treatment also plays a significant role in degrading the quality of honey and reducing its positive benefits. 

To make sure such a thing doesn’t happen with our honey, we collect raw honey from Malaysian forests. We end for lab testing and adhere to the regulation in delivering the purest Malaysian honey to you.