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How harvesting & marketing raw wild honey started…

Founded in 2008, Accenpro was established to market raw wild honey. We created our own private label which is John Huney®.

Since then, we never looks back and now we have a range of products under John Huney brand.  They are-

  1. Raw & Wild Honey
  2. Chia Seed
  3. Natural Hand made Soap and Body Cream

Our health food range of products are available at leading private hospitals, clinics and pharmacies in Klang Valley It is also available at Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

Accenpro is also an marketing arms that helps manufacturer to market their range of products. Besides our house brand we also market a range of products that are complementary and non competing to our customers in order to provide them the best of each niche in health management.


Extracting Raw Wild Honey From An Underground Bee Hive
Extracting Raw Wild Honey From An Underground Bee Hive
Smoking The Bees Hives
Brave Aliok In Action, Smoking The Bees Hives
Harvesting Raw Wild Honey
Saifol In Action Harvesting Raw Wild Honey
Cutting The Raw Wild Honey Comb
Aliok Carefully Cutting The Wild Honey Comb