About The Company

Brief History Of Accenpro.

Founded in 2008, Accenpro marketed the award-winning raw and wild honey, which is John Huney®.

John Huney Award

Best Raw Honey Brand in 2013 by Life Long Organic Magazine


Hi I’m Lee, a mother to 2 kids and an entrepreneur. This started as a hobby project for me, I am not an expert but an enthusiast. Over the years of experience with JohnHuney®, raw and wild honey, we have received many feedbacks and praise of the honey.

This blog is a humble attempt to share my experience to help people choose the right honey and health food in the journey of living healthily and vibrantly .

We also market a range of products that are complementary with raw and wild honey such as liquid chlorophyll, chia seeds to further enhance the health and vitality of our customers.

Our health food range of products are available at leading private hospitals pharmacies in Klang Valley, our partners in shopping malls.

JohnHuney® is also available online via Shopee, Lazada and also our own online Shop.